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Can You Terminate Benefits To An Employee 65 and Over In Ontario?

If you are questioning whether you can deny or limit benefits to an older employee in your organization, you might want to keep reading. A landmark ruling in May of last year by the Human Rights Tribunal deemed denying benefits due to age unconstitutional. The ruling was brought on by a high school teacher, who […]

Can you terminate benefits to an employee 65 and over in Ontario

OHIP + Changes in Effect for Those Under the Age of 25 – What This Means for Private Plan Members & Employers

OHIP + changes take effect today, which means big changes for prescription coverage of children and youth under the age of twenty-five. The two main changes to OHIP + are as follows: The Ontario government will still be offering benefits for the 4400 drugs it covers at no cost to those children and youth twenty-four […]

OHIP+ Changes in effect for those under twenty five

Medical Marijuana and Employee Benefits in 2019 – What You Need to Know

Even though medical marijuana has been legal for seventeen years, it hasn’t been widely implemented as an employee benefit by insurance carriers. The legalization of cannabis as a recreational drug five months ago, however, has turned this into a hot topic and made more carriers and employers sit up and take notice. The Cannabis Act […]

The Benefits of Working With a Life Insurance Broker

Before discussing the benefits of working with an insurance broker, it is important to note the difference between a life insurance broker and a life insurance agent. A life insurance broker is an independent agent that can offer life insurance products from major insurance carriers. By contrast, a life insurance agent is employed by one […]

Senior couple with financial adviser

Do You Have Your Insurer’s Group Benefits Mobile App?

Do You Have Your Insurer’s Group Benefits Mobile App? Many Canadian employees have a group benefits package through their employer. Within the last few years, many of the top insurance companies in Canada have launched mobile applications and online portals to make it easier for plan members to interact with their health and dental plans […]

Understanding Employee Benefit & Group Benefit Plans

What every Employee should know about their Employer Benefits Plan   Best Doctors Many insurance companies (i.e. Great West Life, Sun Life, The Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan, etc.) are starting to offer this as a built-in feature. Many employees are not aware that this even exists. It could be considered the most important […]

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