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What Is the Best Rate You Can Get for Your Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance rates are dependent on health. When asked for a quote, it is difficult to give an accurate answer without first inquiring about your health history. Life insurance carriers look at many different factors (i.e. personal health history, family health history, driving record, etc.), before they give you a rating class. Here’s a look […]

Life insurance policy

Ways to Save on Life Insurance

Everybody wants to save as much as they can when they make a purchase. Life insurance is no different, and we completely understand that. Unfortunately, people tend to sacrifice proper coverage for convenience. We have all been guilty of it at some point or another: we rush into a purchase without getting all the facts […]

The Benefits of Working With a Life Insurance Broker

Before discussing the benefits of working with an insurance broker, it is important to note the difference between a life insurance broker and a life insurance agent. A life insurance broker is an independent agent that can offer life insurance products from major insurance carriers. By contrast, a life insurance agent is employed by one […]

Senior couple with financial adviser

How to Prepare for a Life Insurance Medical Exam

If you have decided to purchase life insurance coverage, then it is likely that you have to complete testing and/or answer a few questions from a qualified nurse. This is done in the comfort of your own home or workplace, whatever you prefer. This testing often includes a urine test, and in some cases a […]

Reasons to Take a Life Insurance Medical Exam

Reasons to Take a Life Insurance Medical Exam Here at JWL Benefits, we often have individuals visiting our website trying to avoid medical exams by requesting No-Medical life insurance quotes. In some cases, No-Medical life insurance is the appropriate option, but in most cases, a fully underwritten product with a medical exam is the better […]

Mortgage Insurance vs. Life Insurance

Mortgage Insurance vs. Life Insurance Many homeowners understand the need to insure their mortgage balance. If something were to happen to them, their family would lose a valuable income. This makes the family’s ability to make their mortgage payment that much more hindered. Insurance allows an individual’s family the ability to pay off the mortgage […]

Do I Need Life Insurance?

Do I Need Life Insurance? The age-old question that many adults ask themselves as lifestyles change: Do I need life insurance? Many adults seem to ask this question after a major event has occurred in their life, i.e. bought a house, had a baby, etc. The answer is simple: you do not need to purchase […]

Does My Child Need Life Insurance?

Does My Child Need Life Insurance? Most Canadians understand the importance of life insurance. They understand that if something were to happen to them, their family would need some financial aid to make up for the fact that their family has lost the income they have steadily been able to provide for them. As an […]

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Life Insurance for Entrepreneurs

Life Insurance for Entrepreneurs The modern-day entrepreneur has put their heart and soul into their business in order to build a decent lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones. There is no doubt that they work hard and are extremely important to the functionality of their business. So what happens when a business owner is […]


Joint First-to-Die Life Insurance – Is it Right For You?

Joint First-to-Die Life Insurance – Is it Right for You? When purchasing a Life Insurance policy with another person, such as a spouse or business partner, you have two options: 1.) You can elect to purchase two individual policies (“two pots of money”) or, 2.) You may choose to purchase a joint first-to-die policy (“one […]

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