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Employee Benefit Plans

Employee Benefit Plans represent a large financial obligation to companies and its employees. This, coupled with the fact that it is very important coverage that employees rely on, alongside government sponsored programs, it is equally important to have the right plan in place as it is to deal with a broker who specializes in benefit plans.

There are many financial advisors who offer group benefit packages to their clients, although in many circumstances, these advisors do not specialize in the benefits marketplace. This typically leads to the lack of proper education, recommendations, liability to plan administrators, and inflated premiums over time for clients.

Operating as an independent consulting firm, we have access to over 15 suppliers and every funding mechanism available. We assist, guide, and protect clients through all the various phases of their benefit and retirement programs.

We provide our clients with the best opportunity to lower long term costs through superior customer service and effective planning. Through our partnerships, we have access to offices and expertise throughout Canada, including into the U.S, for our cross-border clients.

We have provided consulting for some of Southwestern Ontario’s most prestigious companies and organizations. Clients’ satisfaction can be measured by the high level of service, continuous development of innovative concepts, and the relentless pursuit of the best deal for them.

Our Services Include

  • Needs analysis
  • Continual plan design recommendations
  • Examination of funding arrangements (self-insured or ASO, stop loss coverage, fully insured, or a combination)
  • Plan implementation
  • Administrative and claims support
  • Renewal Analysis and plan marketing to ensure competitiveness
  • Continual education to our clients on all cost containment options available (deductibles, co-insurance levels, maximums, funding arrangements, drug formulary options, plan design alternatives)
  • Pooling arrangements
  • Buying Groups
  • HRIS & Payroll

Many employers are noticing that their benefits costs are increasing significantly, as government-sponsored plans continue to download costs previously covered to private employer sponsored plans. Without the proper cost containment features in place, your plan is in jeopardy of escalating premiums.

A major growth trend in the cost containment of employee benefit plans is the use of Health Spending Accounts, Administrator Services Only Plans (ASO), and/or a combination of the two.


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